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ME412 (Autonomous Mobile Robots 2023)

My Curriculum Vitae

My resume

Past Projects

ME412 (Autonomous Mobile Robots 2022)

ME412 (Autonomous Mobile Robots 2021)

ME412 (Autonomous Mobile Robots 2020)

ME412 (Autonomous Mobile Robots 2019)

ME412 (Autonomous Mobile Robots 2018)

ME412 (Autonomous Mobile Robots 2017)

ME436 (Autonomous Mobile Robots 2016)

ME412 (Autonomous Mobile Robots 2015)

ME412 (Autonomous Mobile Robots 2014)

ME412 (Autonomous Mobile Robots 2013)

ME412 (Autonomous Mobile Robots 2012)

ME412 (Autonomous Mobile Robots 2011)

ME412 (Autonomous Mobile Robots 2010)

ME412 (Autonomous Mobile Robots 2009)

ME412 (Autonomous Mobile Robots 2008)

ME412 (Autonomous Mobile Robots 2007)

EID111 (Self-Replicating Habitats)

ME412 (Autonomous Mobile Robots 2006)

ME412 (Autonomous Mobile Robots 2005)

ME363 (Advanced Mechatronics)

MAR (Mobile Autonomous Robot)

The Robotics Renaissance Project  


Dajung and Junior

Autonomous Vacuum Cleaner

Spider Robot  

Mindstorms Dancing LegoBot


Ericson Mar's Robotics Links
Below are links and videos compiled to give persons involved with robot building and/or investigating careers involving robotics technology a list of internet resources that will help them achieve their goals.  If you have a link you would like to see here, please email me!  :)

Microcontrollers | Parts | Commercial Research Robots | Reference | Semiconductors | Books | Publications | Cutting Edge | Real World Application | Robotics Conferences

Microcontroller's suitable for robotics projects
"The number of transistors that can be fit onto a square inch of silicon doubles every 12 months." - Moore's Law

Raspberry PI
Parallax BASIC Stamp Microcontrollers, Kits and Parts
IntelliBrain Robot Controller
Charmed Labs Vision Based Controllers
VIA EPIA Pico-ITX Board play video
nVIDIA Jetson
The Handy Board
The Handy Cricket
Blackfin Handyboard (in Development)

Companies that offer parts suitable for robotics projects
“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

Acroname, Inc. - Various robotics parts and experimental mobile robot platforms
The Robot MarketPlace - Robotics parts (specializing in Robot Combat competitions)
Pololu - Robots kits and parts
Tinkersphere - Robots, toys, hobby electronics
Trossen Robotics - Robot kits and parts
Zagros Robotics - Mobile robot bases and various robotics parts
Solarbotics - BEAM Robotics, electronics, kits, and parts
Robotshop - Parts, Kits, Drones, Education, Tools, Books, Home Robots, Toys, Professional Robots, Wearable Technology, Software
Andymark, Inc. - Mechanical and electrical parts for robotics education
GoBILDA - Structure, Motion, Electronics, Hardware, Kits, Merch for robotics education
Banana Robotics - Specializing in fun and educational hands on robotics technology
Jameco Robot Store - Robot kits and parts
ServoCity - Motors, motion control hardware and accessories
SparkFun - Robot kits, electronics and tutorials
Lynxmotion - Robot kits and components
CrustCrawler Robotics - Robot kits and components
Active Robots - Robot kits and various robotics parts
Mr Robot - Robot kits and various robotics parts and software
Arrick Robotics - Automation, mobile robots, robot resources
Hobby Engineering - A supply store for people who want to build robots, electronic gadgets, kinetic art or anything else that moves, beeps or flashes.
World of Robotics Online - Large supplier of robot kits
ElecFreaks - Open design house with robot drivers, smart cars, motors, and accessories
Electronix Express - Electronic kits, electronic compnents, motors, robots, and tools
Marlin P. Jones Associates, Inc. - Assorted electronic and electromechanical components
Adafruit Industries - Open source electronics kits and parts
Proto Supplies - Provides evaluated and tested supplies for Arduino and all your other electronic project needs
Arrow Electronics - Electronics components supplier offereing 20% discount to students and teachers
All Electronics Corp. - Thousands of electronics and electro-mechanical parts and supplies at discount prices.
Magnevation - Speech electronics and other accessories for OOPic, Basic Stamp, BasicX, Atom, and other Micro-controllers
DU-BRO Racing - Radio control airplane, car, helicopter, and boat parts
Tower Hobbies - Radio control airplane, car, helicopter, and boat parts
CyberResearch - PC based data acquisition and motion systems
Gamatronix - PID motion controllers
BEI Systron Donner Inertial Division - Providing High Reliability System-Solution Sensors for the World’s Most Demanding Applications
Circuit Specialists - Budget electronics supplies
Velodyne LiDAR - Maker of advanced laser rangefinders
Mouser Electronics - Semiconductors / electronic components
Digikey - Semiconductors / electronic components
Jameco Electronics - Semiconductors / electronics components
Newark - Semiconductors / electronics components
Tenergy Power - Total power solutions
AA Portable Power Corp - Total solution for portable power
BaneBots - Mechanical drive components
Stock Drive Products / Sterling Instruments - Mechanical components supplier with CAD data
Misumi USA Inc. - Huge mechanical components supplier with CAD data (some components with configurable dimensions and dynamic CAD generation)
Associated Spring - Huge spring supplier with affordable precision spring kits
ePlastics - Plastic materials for construction
SchmartBOARD - Modular, scalable circuit prototyping boards, easy to use surface-mount (SMT) to DIP boards
PCB NG - Upload your design, get 6 assembled PCBs in 10 business days (Brooklyn, NY)
expresspcb - Online-order, low volume, fast turn-around PCB service
Sunstone Circuits PCBexpress -  Online-order, low volume, fast turn-around PCB service
Custom Circuit Boards - PCB Fabrication for quick turn prototyping (Phoenix, AZ)
WellPCB - 1-4 layer PCB prototypes
McMaster Carr - Giant supplier of machinery, tools, materials, and hardware - Online-order, low volume, fast turn-around rapid prototyping service with free layout software
Shapeways - 3D printing marketplace and service
SainSmart - Professional open hardware company - Online-order, low volume, machine shop with free CAD software
ProtoCAM - Rapid prototyping, SLA, rapid tooling, and manufacturing engineering consulting WB Engineering Rapid Prototyping Services
RedEye On Demand Parts for prototype and production on-demand
nscope - Oscilloscope on a breadboard
Fab@Home - Community of home built 3D rapid prototyping devices for universal fabrication - Online manufacturing marketplace: from prototypes through mass-production runs
PMD Motion Control - Motion control electronics
Aerotech Motion Control Systems - Manufacturers of motion controllers, stages, drives, and positioning systems for applications worldwide.
Sensors Web Portal - Sensors Portal
ThomasNet - Resources in sourching robotics and other technical supplies
GlobalSpec - The Engineering Search Engine

Commercial Robotics Research Systems
“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.” - Albert Einstein

Gecko Systems
Segway Robotic Mobility Platform
iRobot Create
K-Team Mobile Robots - Swiss company that develops, manufactures and markets high quality mobile robots for use in advanced education and research.
Clearpath Robotics
Wany Robotics
Enabled Robotics - Mobile manipulator robots for research

Useful Robotics Reference Sites
    “There are in fact two things, science and opinion; the former begets knowledge, the latter ignorance. ” - Hippocrates
Ultrasonic vs Infrared (IR) Sensors – Which is better?
Compare Infrared Ultrasonic Distance Sensors (RobotShop Tables)
Pull-up Resistor tutorial
Inertial Sensors
What Is an Encoder?
Rotary Encoder: Single-turn and Multi-turn
What is GPS RTK? play video
How to Choose the Right Relay
Instructables on hacking hobby servos for continuous-rotation
SRS on hacking hobby servos for variable-speed continuous-rotation
The Difference between Analog and Digital RC Servos
Douglas W. Jones on Stepping Motors
Variable Reluctance Stepper Motor play video
Motion Control Handbook by Dover Motion
WPI Gears page
Spur versus planetary gearheads for dc servomotors
Harmonic Drive zero backlash gearing play video
Disposable Battery Choices
Rechargeable Battery Comparison Table
Internal Resistance of Batteries
Battery Performance Curves
Structutal Materials for Robots
Wikibooks article: Robotics/Design Basics/Building Materials
The WWW Virtual Library
Ridgesoft Robotics Tutorials
Roboshack - The Source for All Things Robotic (contains random tutorials)
Fritzing - Initiative to support designers, artists, researchers and hobbyists to work creatively with interactive electronics
RobotWorx - An Introduction to Industrial Robot Applications play video
NASA Robotics Resource Links
How Robot Arms Work (video) - Clip from RobotWorx industrial supplier play videoplay video
How and WHY to Solder Correctly (video) - Clip from Curious Inventor on the basics of eletronics soldering play video
How to Solder: Removing Solder (video) - Clip from ExpertVillage on removing solder from a joint play video

Robot Books
    "Knowledge is power." - Sir Francis Bacon
Mobile Robots: Inspiration to Implementation, Second Edition by Joseph L. Jones, Anita M. Flynn, Bruce A. Seiger Locate in Bobst
Building Robot Drive Trains by Dennis Clark, Michael Owings Locate in Bobst
Programming Robot Controllers by Myke Predko Locate in Bobst
Personal Robotics: Real Robots to Construct, Program, and Explore the World by Richard Raucci Locate in Bobst
Sensors for Mobile Robots by H. R. Everett Locate in Bobst
Build Your Own Robot! by Karl Lunt Locate in Bobst
Robot Builder's Sourcebook by Gordon McComb Locate in Bobst
Robot Builder's Bonanza by Gordon McComb Locate in Bobst
Robotics, Mechatronics and Artificial Intelligence: Experimental Circuit Blocks for Designers by Newton C. Braga Locate in Bobst
Introduction to Autonomous Mobile Robots by Roland Siewart and Illah R. Nourbakhsh Locate in Bobst
Designing Autonomous Mobile Robots: Inside the Mind of an Intelligent Machine by John M. Holland Locate in Bobst
Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Robots: Case Studies of Successful Robot Systems Edited by David Kortenkamp, R. Peter Bonasso and Robin Murphy Locate in Bobst
Autonomous Robots: From Biological Inspiration to Implementation and Control by George A. Bekey Locate in Bobst
"Where Am I?": Sensors and Methods for Mobile Robot Positioning book by Johann Borenstein
Quadrupedal Locomotion: An Introduction to the Control of Four-legged Robots by Pablo González-de-Santos, Elena Garcia, Joaquin Estremera Locate in Bobst
Robotics Demystified by Edwin Wise Locate in Bobst
Robot Programming: A Practical Guide to Behavior-Based Robotics by Joe Jones and Daniel Roth Locate in Bobst
Mobile Robotics : A Practical Introduction by Ulrich Nehmzow Locate in Bobst
Principles of Robot Motion: Theory, Algorithms, and Implementations by Howie Choset, et al. Locate in Bobst
Electric Drives and Electromechanical Systems by Richard Crowder Locate in Bobst
Electromechanical Devices & Components Illustrated Sourcebook by Brian Elliott Locate in Bobst
Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices Sourcebook, Fourth Edition by Neil Sclater, Nicholas Chironis Locate in Bobst
Technology of Machine Tools by Steve Krar Locate in Bobst
Product Design and Development by Karl Ulrich, Steven Eppinger Locate in Bobst

Publication Organizations Containing Robotics News
    "The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty." - James Madison

Roboshack - The Source for All Things Robotic
Robotics Trends
Robotics Online
The Robot Report - Tracking the Business of Robotics
IEEE Robotics and Automation Society
Robotics on IEEE Spectrum
Circuit Cellar
NASA Tech Briefs Publication
Motion Control and Automation Technology
Robots.Net - The place to read the latest news on personal and industrial robotics, robot competitions, and other cool stuff
Robots Rule

Robotics on the Cutting Edge
    "Only those who attempt the absurd...will achieve the impossible." - M. C. Escher
NASA Robonaut - Extravehicular astronaut designed to use human tools play video
NASA Valkyrie (R5) – Space humanoid robot play videoplay video
EUROBOT - ESA Extravehicular astronaut designed for work on the International Space Station play video
Scarab Lunar Robot - NASA/Carnegie Mellon's lunar drilling robot testbed play video
DARPA Grand Challenge / DARPA Urban Challenge - Driverless car competition play videoplay video
Waymo - Google self-driving taxi fleet springoff from DARPA Urban Challenge results play videoplay video
Cruise - General Motor's self-driving taxi
Zoox - Custom electric vehicle designed from scratch to be a ride hailing robotic taxi play videoplay video
Torc Robotics - Self-Driving Truck Technology - Autonomous Vehicles
Nuro - Self-driving cabinless food delivery vehicle play video
udelv - Self-driving cabinless compartmented delivery vehicle play video
TIGER - Hyundai’s first uncrewed Ultimate Mobility Vehicle (UMV) concept play video
iRobot - John Deer R-Gator - Unmanned Ground Vehicle for logistics play video
Squad Mission Support System (SMSS) - Robot mule UGV play video
Crusher - Carnegie Mellon University / DARPA Unmanned Ground Vehicle play video
Black Knight - Tank UGV play video
Ripsaw - Howe and Howe Technologies, Inc. high-speed Unmanned Ground Vehicle play videoplay video
Black I Robotics - Affordable Robust Chassis play video
General Dynamics Land Systems - Tactical Robots play video
Ghost Robotics - Tactical Quad-legged UGV dog robot play video
BEAR - Vecna Robotics Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot play videoplay video
AgBot II - Robotic Site-specific Crop and Weed Management Tool
Cave Crawler - Carnegie Mellon University Subterranean Robotics play video
Sharp Intellos A-UGV - Automated Property Patrol
SandBot - Georgia Tech hexapod robot made for traversing across sand play videoplay video
Work Partner - Interactive mobile service robot play video
Ballbot - Single-wheeled balancing mobile robot play video
Boeing AH-6X Little Bird UAV - Old helicopter upgraded to be autonomous as well as piloted play videoplay video
V-STAR - Vertical Take Off and Landing Swift Tactical Aerial Resource play video
Linkoping University Autonomous UAV Research Group - Surveillance and intelligence gathering helicopter robots play video
Talisman UUV - Unmanned underwater vehicle stealth submarine play video
WHOI Underwater Robots  - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution research AUVs play videoplay video
Crabster – Large six-legged sea floor robot play video
Madeline - Robotic Turtle play video
Eelume - Underwater operations snake robot play video
Boston Dynamics - Legged rough terrain robots, climbing robots play videoplay videoplay video
ANYbotics – Autonomous legged robot for challenging environments play video
New Horizon's Studio - Wheeled legged vehicle concept car play video
MIT Mini Cheetah – MIT Biomimetic Robotics Laboratory backflipping legged robot play video
Stickybot - Wall climbing robot inspired by the gecko lizard leads to powerful nanotech adhesive play videoplay video
Electroadhesive Robots - Enabling wall-climbing robots for security/military, inspection, and service applications  play video
Cyborg Insects - Universities interfacing electronics and insect brains to control robots play video
RedBot - Robot legs controlled by spinal cord implant play video
Shirley Ryan AbilityLab - Prosthetic limbs that interface directly with the human nervous system play video
Neurorobotics - Brain machine interfaces (cyborgs)
Vanderbilt Bionic Arm - Prosthetic limb development under DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) play video
Mobius Bionics DEKA Luke Arm - Dean Kaman's prosthetic limb (dubbed after Luke Skywalker) development under DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) play video
Anthroform Arm Project - Artificial pnuematic muscle robot arm mimicking the human arm
SRI M7 Surgical Robot - Extreme environment tele-surgury robot  play video
Stiquito - Low-cost insect robot uising nitinol muscle wires
SARCOS Exoskeleton and slave arms - Human strength enhancer suit play videoplay video
Berkeley Lower Extremity Exoskeleton Project - Human strength enhancer suit (a.k.a. Lockheed Martin HULC) play video
Power Assist Suit Exoskeleton - Human strength enhancer suit for nurses play video
Honda Walking Assist Device - Lower extremity exoskeleton device research for assisting elderly and mobile laborers play videoplay videoplay videoplay video
Nasa GM Robo-Glove - Exoskeleton power-grip glove play videoplay videoplay video
Shadow Robot Company - Advanced dexterous humanoid  hand play video
Tokyo University of Science SAYA - Receptionist robot play video
DARPA Robotics Challenge - Humanoid emergency response robot competition
Nexi ("Mobile Dexterous Social" aka MDS Robot) - MIT humanoid robot research platform for social interaction with humans play videoplay video
QRIO - Videos of Sony's experimental 2 foot tall running humanoid robot play video
Nao - Softbank Aldebran Robotics humanoid robot play video
Robo-Garage Kirobo companion robot - University of Tokyo humanoid and walking robots with "cartooney" design play videoplay videoplay video
Google DeepMind OP3 Soccer - Neural network reinforcement learning for DARWIN OP3 Humanoid Robot play video
WABOT-2 - Waseda University Humanoid Robot play video
SARCOS Humanoid Robot - Carnegie Mellon humanoid robot research platform play videoplay videoplay video
Secondhands - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology humanoid coworker robot play video
SAFFIR - Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot play video
Cassie and Digit - Agility Robotics ostrich type walker play video play video play video
RobotCub - Humanoid cognition robot play videoplay video
BeatBots - Robots with a rythm play video
RoboCup - Robot Soccer completion whose dream is to introduce a robot team capable of defeating World Cup champions by the middle of this century
CONRO - Transforming self-reconfigurable robots play video
Modular Snake Robots - Carnegie Mellon University Biorobotics Laboratory play videoplay videoplay video
Tokyo Institute of Technology snake robot  play video
Festo AquaJelly - Robot using jellyfish propulsion play video|
Contour Crafting - University of Southern California giant building-printer robot
The Robotics Institute - Carnegie Mellon's pioneering robotics institute
Mobile Robot Research at the MIT AI Laboratory - Birthplace of many intelligent robot technologies used today
Willow Garage - Delivering Open Source Robotics play video - Open source platform for developments in robotics and artificial intelligence
Nasa Robotics Education Project - The Robotics Alliance Project
Johann Borenstein's (Robot Researcher) site with downloadable publications
KISS Institute of Practical Robotics - Non-profit middle/high school Botball competition organizers and Interactive C robot programming language maintainers
Seattle Robotics Society - Non-profit robotics club
dorkbot / dorkbot-nyc - NYC division of monthly meeting of people interested in creative uses of electricity

Real World Robots and Robotics Technology Application
   "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C. Clarke
NASA Mars Exploration Rover Mission - Robot extraterrestrial surface explorers and geologists play videoplay video
JPL Robotics - NASA's robotics research and implementation laboratory
National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC) - Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute's commercial arm (over 40 projects) play videoplay video
AutonomousStuff - Products and engineering services for autonomous road vehicles
FLIR (formerly iRobot Endeavor) PackBot - Mobile robot systems for hazardous-duty operations
Foster-Miller Talon - Mobile robot systems for hazardous-duty operations play videoplay video
Norththrop Grumman Remotec Unmanned Vehicle Systems - Mobile robot systems for hazardous-duty operations
Knightscope - Autonomous robots for predicting and preventing crime play video
SMP Robotics - Outdoor security patrol robots play video
Recon Scout - Security and combat robot play video
Guardium - G-NUIS security unmanned ground patrol robot play videoplay video
Transcend Robotics - Mobile robot platform that climbs stairs play video
TiaLinx, Inc. - RADAR security and surveillance unmanned ground and air systems
DOK-ING - Demining UGV play video
iRobot Home Cleaning Robots  - Autonomous consumer cleaning robots play video
Cub Cadet RG3 - Precise Path Robotics turf and grounds maintenance applications play video
Friendly Robotics Robomow- Robot lawnmowers
Husqvarna EPOS (Exact Positioning Operating System) - RTK GPS enabled robotic lawnmowing play video
AgXeed - Autonomous agriculture tractors play video
Carbon Robotics - Autonomous laser weeder play video
Starship Technologies - Autonomous delivery robots play video
badger technologies - Automating Retail via mobile robotics play video
simbe - Automating Retail via mobile robotics
LoweBot - Lowe's sales representative mobile robot play videoplay video
Pepper - SoftBank Robotics cloud-connected customer-service and companion robot platform play video
Transbotics - Industrial automated guided vehicle systems
Seegrid - Robotic Industrial Trucks - 3D Vision robotic logistics vehicle play video
Vecna Robotics - Vecna’s® robotic logistics solutions are a family of autonomous mobile robots, built to operate within human-centric environments.
Aethon Tug - Industry 4.0 delivery vehicle systems play video
Amazon Robotics (formerly KIVA Systems) - Complete automated guided vehicle system for shipping warehouses play videoplay video
Fetch Robotics - Warehouse logistics
Locus Robotics - Warehouse logistics play video
6 River Systems - Warehouse logistics play video
inVia Robotics – Warehouse robot with extendable platform play video
Exotec - Warehouse robot that climbs racks in automated storage retrieval system play video
Brightpick - Warehouse logistics robot that picks items out of bins play video
Omron Automation - Industrial mobile robots from ActivMedia Robotics pioneering work play videoplay video
Mobile Industrial Robots - Heavy load pallet robots play videoplay video
OTTO Motors – Heavy-lift mobile robots play video
Swisslog - KUKA's entry into mobile robotics for healthcare and warehousing play video
Savioke - Healthcare, hospitality, high-rise, and logistics mobile robots play video
InTouch Health - Telemedicine solutions for doctors play videoplay video
Telebotics Pebbles - Remote presence solutions for ill students play video
Gecko Systems - Elder Care mobile robots and mobile robot research systems
Amazon Astro - Home monitoring robot play video
Blue Ocean Robotics – Robot Venture Factory play video
United Robotics Group - Robots that work hand in hand for people: Cobiots
HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb) - Cyberdyne exoskeleton physical therapist play videoplay video
Black Hornet VRS - Airborne vehicle reconnaissance system for military operations play video
AeroVironment - Tactical unmanned aircraft systems
Lockheed Martin K-MAX - Power lift helicopter modified to be and unmanned aircraft system play video play video
Fire Scout - Robot helicopter drone play videoplay video
PrecisionHawk - Unmanned aerial vehicle scientific sensors platform
CyPhy Works - Aerial Reconnaissance Robotics play video
NorthStar - Robot localization system by Evolution Robotics
VideoRay - Small underwater ROV systems
Deep Ocean Engineering - Underwater ROV systems
Shilling Robotics - Heavy-duty underwater ROV systems
Protector - Unmanned patrol boat play video
CRASAR - Center for Robot Assisted Search and Rescue play video
Intuitive Surgical Robotic Surgery - Minimally invasive da Vinci Surgical System play video
Robotic Systems & Tecnologies, Inc. - Penelope surgical assistant robot play video
Touch Bionics i-Limb Hand - Prosthetic dexterous modular hand play video
Victhom Human Bionics Bionic Leg: the POWER KNEE - Microprocessor controlled leg for amputees play video
SuitX - Exoskeletons for mobility disorders and workplace tasks play video
Indego - Exoskeletons for gait therapy
Honda ASIMO - Humanoid Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility robot play video
AIST Japan HRP-4C - Fashion model humanoid robot play videoplay videoplay video
AIST Japan HRP-5 – Generalized helper humanoid robot play video
TALOS and REEM - PAL Technology guide service robots and humanoid experimental robots play videoplay videoplay video
Toyota THR3 – Humanoid robot controlled by teleoperator “force (torque)” play video
Robot Fish - Essex Human Centered Robotics developing robots in environments coexisting with humans play videoplay video
AIBO - Sony Entertainment Dog Robot
Pleo - Robot Dinosaur Pet play videoplay video
Baxter - rethink robotics robot arms that can safely operate alongside humans play video
Robocoaster - Industrial robot arm refitted for amusement park rides play videoplay video
OC Robotics - Snake-arm robots - reaching the unreachable play videoplay video
HoneyBee Robotics - Designer, developer, and producer of spacecraft, defense, medical, mining, oil, and gas robotic mechanisms
RedZone Robotics - Civil infrastructure maintenance play videoplay video
Independence iBOT Wheelchair System
- Active-balance stair-climbing wheelchair based on Dean Kaman's 2-wheel balancing technology play video
International Robotics, Inc. - "Techno-Marketing"
Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio - Robotics development and simulation software
AWS Robomaker - Cloud-based simulation service that enables robotics developers to run, scale, and automate simulation without managing any infrastructure

Robotics Conferences
   "Let both sides seek to invoke the wonders of science instead of its terrors. Together let us explore the stars, conquer the deserts, eradicate disease, tap the ocean depths, and encourage the arts and commerce." -  John F. Kennedy
Robotics Summit & Expo
Design and Manufacturing East
Robotics TechZone
RoboDevelopment play video
Advanced Robotics E-Symposium
Upcoming Robotics Conferences & Events List

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