That lovely cube at Astor Place, by Cooper Union and many Starbucks :-), is actually one of four cubes by artist Bernard "Tony" Rosenthal:

  1. The Alamo, the Cube at Cooper Union, also The Alamo, circa 1971
  2. Endover, the Cube at University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
  3. Marty's Cube, the Cube in Miami at Florida International University
  4. The Cube in Hamilton, Ohio at Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum. See Item 45 Upper left quadrant of the map
  5. Cubes as awards or Tiny maquettes of the Alamo.
  6. To advertise PBS, see PBS Rebrands to "Be More" Art & Business of Motion.

Imitation as praise

Update: Friday, January 7th 2011

"Alamo Plaza" design presented to surround the Alamo.
Perpetually postponed pedestrian plaza plan proceeds

This follows yet another salvo in New York City's war on cars and trucks.

Update: Monday, April 3rd, 2006

The Alamo has been de-graffitied back to black by the Parks Department. Weekends are hard on the cube :-)

Update: Friday, November 18th 2005

The Alamo has returned, now repaired. Here is the cube before unveiling.... And now, here is the unveiling.

Update: Wednesday, May 11th 2005

The Arts Commission met about the Alamo as item 22148.

Update: Monday, March 14th 2005

A "cube ghost" of white PVC pipe has sprung into place on Astor Place. The PVC pipe traces the edges of the cube and is held up by a black post.


Update: Thursday, March 10th 2005

The Alamo has been taken away for repairs.

To Probe Further's Cooper Cube Article

by Chris Lent