• What is a photogram? Wikipedia

• The Photogram "is the most completely dematerialized medium in which the New Vision
demands" - Laszlo Maholy-Nagy. Learn more about the Bauhaus school of thought in<
relation to photography after World War I here.

• Article in Leonardo titled "Chemigram: A New Approach to Lensless Photography" by Pierre
Cordier explores the technical and conceptual reasonings behind photograms, as well as
a process he invented called the Chemigram. Download the PDF here (from JStor, for
educational use only).

• Wendy Mukluk's "How to make Photograms" page

Slideshow of a few historical and contemporary artists using photogram techniques:

Links to artists shown:
Mike Sonnichsen
László Moholy-Nagy
Adam Fuss
Man Ray
Jaromír Funke
Ellen Carey
Hanno Otten
Christian Marclay

• How a photogram is made (from Wikipedia)


















Christian Schad
Anna Atkins
Anne Arden Mcdonald
spuddleyspudd on Flickr
Walead Beshty

Generation of a photogram: A spatially extended light source (1) illuminates objects (2 and 3) that are placed directly in front of a sheet of photosensitive paper. Depending on the object's distance to the paper their shadows look harder (7) or softer (5). Areas of the paper that are in total shadow (6) stay white; they become grey if the objects are transparent or translucent; areas that are fully exposed to the light (4) are blackened.

Man Ray

Abe Morell

Laszlo Maholy-Nagy