Peter Cooper and his Legacy

"My hope is that the love and desire for scientific knowledge will cause unborn thousands to throng the hall of Cooper Union to learn the beauties and to obtain the benefits provided in nature for the use and elevation of mankind. These will be known and enjoyed where men keep, subdue and hold dominion over the world and all that is in it. I trust the young will here catch the inspiration of truth in all its native power and beauty and find in it a source of inexpressible pleasure to spread its transformed influence throughout the world."

-Peter Cooper, 1882

The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, established by Peter Cooper in 1859, is a private institution of higher learning where all students receive full-tuition scholarships.

The Cooper Union is located at Cooper Square, New York, New York 10003-7183.

There are a number of short biographies floating around. Check them out to learn about the remarkable history of Peter Cooper and the Cooper Union, which he founded as a gift to the citizens of New York City.