Operating Systems

A super brief intro (more later)

An operating system (OS for short) is a collection of software routines which control access to a computer's physical resources (disk drives, keyboard, CPU time, etc.). Some popular operating systems are MacOS, Linux, Solaris, Microsoft Windows Me, Microsoft Windows 2000, BeOS and OS/2.

Each computer in this lab is equipped with two different OS's: RedHat Linux 7.1 and Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Edition. When you switch on (or reboot) one of these machines, you get to choose which OS takes control. About 15 seconds after you switch the power on (or about 30 seconds after you order a restart) you should see a menu of OS choices...

Logging on under RedHat Linux

Logging on under Windows 2000

Project Suggestion #1:

Install an "alternative" OS.


The Web is chock full of information about OS options. Try a search with your favorite web search engine, or just start with
IndexOS - The Index of Alternative Operating Systems www.indexos.com

The GCC library has several Linux specific titles. Try a catalog search using "Linux" as a keyword.