ChE421: Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering

Prof. Davis

Course Syllabus

Course Description:

In this course, you will learn the principles of chemical reaction systems and the practices of industrial reactor designers. I will emphasize heterogeneous chemical kinetics, packed bed reactors, fermentation, biochemical reaction engineering, and reactor scale-up as examples. Modeling and simulation of systems will be extensively applied. The first half of the course (before the Midterm Exam) will cover:

- Elementary Reactions in Ideal Reactors (Chapter 1 of Nauman)
- Multiple Reactions in Batch Reactors (Chapter 2)
- Isothermal Piston Flow Reactors (Chapter 3)
- Stirred Tanks and Reactor Combinations (Chapter 4)
- Thermal Effects and Energy Balances (Chapter 5)

The second half of the course (from the Midterm to the Final Exam) will cover:

- Packed Beds and Turbulent Tubes (Chapter 9)
- Heterogeneous Catalysis (Chapter 10)
- Biochemical Reaction Engineering (Chapter 12)
- Fermentation and bioreactor design